Provocative and Fearless Sensibility of Helmut Newton

Provocative and Fearless Sensibility of Helmut Newton

This Picture was Produced for French Vogue 1971, Shot in Dakar.

“A New Book Spotlights Legendary Photographer Helmut Newton’s Most Provocative Work. Newton died on januarym 2004, in a Car Accident at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles – a Place Fittingly Associated With Celebrity and Scandal.

Taschen’s World Without Men Captures the Late Artist’s Most Provocative Tantalizing Images From His Formative Years to His Ascendence Among Photography’s Elite – a Period That Covers the Mid-1960 to the Early 1980s.

Taken as a Whole, this Intoxicating Compendium Supplies Ample Eloquent Evidence of the Ground Breaking Vision that Secured Newton his Place in the Firmament of Modern Photography.

To Understand the Enormous Influence He Exerted, One Nedd Onlu Flip Through the Pages of Today’s Leading Fashion Magazines, all of Which Owe a Debt to the Master’s Fearless Sensibility and Unerring Eye.”

Source of Research: Ball Harbour Mag – Spring 2013.


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